Meet Our Doulas

Australian Doulas

At Australian Doulas, we believe it is important for you to take the time to find the right doula for you.  We believe the most important consideration when choosing your doula should be your connection with her (even more so than her experience). Feel free to browse our doula profiles using the links below – or search more specifically for a doula using the search options on the right. Please note that the onus is on each of our members to attain and uphold the correct training, certification and safety standards for all “extra services” they provide or offer in conjunction with their doula services. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat. Visit Our Services for more general information on the services we provide.

Become a member of Australian Doulas

Membership of Australian Doulas is open to doulas who have trained with us as well as doulas who have completed their training with other reputable doula organisations. Click here to submit an application to become a member of Australian Doulas.

Our Company

Australian Doulas was formed to deliver the best possible birth experience for you and your baby.

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Our Team

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