For Health Professionals

Who are we?

We are certified doulas trained to support women on an emotional and practical basis and to interact sensitively with all those involved with pregnancy, birth and the early postnatal period.

Australian Doulas is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers.  Our members are like-minded doulas who work within a Code of Practice to deliver quality support to women and their families. A doula is someone who provides informational, emotional, physical and practical support to women and their families throughout pregnancy, birth and the early postnatal period.  Their role is non-medical. All members of Australian Doulas have undergone training through a recognised doula training program to become a birth doula, a postnatal doula, or both.  Australian Doulas supports their members through mentoring and providing and encouraging ongoing professional development. Members of Australian Doulas aim to work respectfully alongside medical providers to ensure that their clients and families are well supported and their needs met. Research on the impact of providing doula support to women shows shorter labour times, reduced caesarean and forceps deliveries, reduced need for epidurals and high levels of satisfaction with having a doula. An important part of our Mission is to model best practice doula conduct. To assist in maintaining good practice, we have developed a complaints procedure and we encourage members of the community to contact Australian Doulas through our community representative if you believe a member of Australian Doulas is working outside our Code of Practice.  Please also feel free to give any positive feedback you may have. It is important to Australian Doulas that relationships within the community are strong and women and their families have continued access to the care and support of a doula. Members of Australian Doulas work alongside The Bump WA (previously Community Midwifery WA) to provide volunteer doulas for migrant and refugee women.  For more information about extra support for migrant and refugee women, please contact The Bump WA directly.