Our Services

Who are we?

We are certified doulas trained to support women on an emotional and practical basis and to interact sensitively with all those involved with pregnancy, birth and the early postnatal period.

Birth Doulas

The role of the birth doula is that of a professional, non-medical birth companion, able to provide:
  • continuity of care;
  • reassurance and encouragement;
  • breathing and relaxation techniques;
  • massage;
  • help with labour and birth position; and
  • support for the partner.
Our overall aim as birth doulas is to help the mother experience a more positive labour and birth. A birth doula package will generally consist of two to three antenatal visits, attendance during labour and birth, email and telephone contact, on call from 38 weeks, and one or two postnatal visits.

Postnatal Doulas

The role of the postnatal doula is mostly nurturing and can involve:
  • support during the transitional period from hospital to home;
  • reassuring and supporting the mother;
  • help with establishing feeding (breast/bottle);
  • care for older siblings, light housework;
  • preparing nutritious meals.
Our overall aim as postnatal doulas is to help mothers and babies get off to the best possible start.

Birth and Postnatal Doulas

Some doulas are trained to provide both birth and postnatal doula services.  Others can provide one or the other and team with another doula to meet your needs.