International Doulas Membership


International Doulas membership is open not only to doulas who have trained with Australian Doulas, but also doulas who have trained with other reputable doula training organisations.

Membership fee is $50 per year.

It is important for all members of International Doulas to work within the same philosophy and it is therefore a condition of membership that all members agree to abide by our Code of Practice.

Membership application is a four stage process:

  1. Completion of a membership application (including agreeing to work within the Australian Doulas Code of Practice).
  2. Attendance at an Australian Doulas “International Bridging Course” (contact us for details).  You will be required to present proof of your doula certification.
  3. The membership application will then be presented to members by the secretary at the next general meeting.
  4. If the application has been passed at the general meeting, the application will be forwarded onto the Committee for final approval.

Fill out the form below to begin the membership application process or contact our Secretary for more information.

A person who wishes to become a member must be proposed by one member and seconded by another member. You don’t need to add them now, but you will be required to do so before membership is approved.

If my application is accepted, I agree to be bound by the rules of the Association

Please check the box below to acknowledge and agree with the Australian Doulas Code of Practice.

Information for Applicants

  • If your application is accepted, your name and address, as provided above, must be recorded in a register of members and be made available to other members, upon request, under section 27 of the Associations Incorporation Act.
  • If the obligations under the Associations Incorporation Act are not complied with the Association can be wound up.
  • You can contact the Association at PO Box 4265, Canning Vale East  WA  6155.
  • You can access or correct personal information (your name and address) by contacting the Association as indicated above.

Other Information

  • If your application is accepted you are entitled to inspect and make a copy of the register of members under section 27 of the Associations Incorporation Act.
  • If your application is accepted you are entitled to inspect and make a copy of the rules (constitution) of the association under section 28 of the Associations Incorporation Act.

If your application for membership is rejected by the Committee: You may give notice of your intention to appeal within 14 days of being advised of the rejection (rule 5(4)).  The Association in a general meeting, no later than the next annual general meeting, must confirm or set aside the decision of the Committee rejecting your application, after giving you a reasonable opportunity to be heard or to make written representations to the general meeting (rule 5(5)).

Application Form