Tania Chong

Doula Type: Birth, Trainee Mobile: 0478978079
Email: tania.chong1@gmail.com State: Western Australia – Perth Metro

Congratulations on your pregnancy and thank you for clicking on my profile!

My journey with pregnancy and birth started when my husband and I found out we were pregnant overseas and did not know the options available to us. I had negative views of birth that I had learnt from other women in my life, and realised that I was heading towards birthing my baby with fear. The more I learnt about birth and my choices, the more I wanted a natural birth, and a birth where my husband was included. We were fortunate to find a doula teaching Hypnobabies which is a 6 week, complete childbirth education program, that also incorporates hypnosis for pain elimination. My son was born naturally in Sep 2012 in hospital and he was birthed without fear, but with a lot of love and peace. I believe our birthing experience was positive because we felt empowered to make informed choices as parents, and because we had care providers around us who wanted us to succeed. 

My positive birth experience using Hypnobabies motivated me to become a Hypnobabies instructor and bring the program to Perth WA. in June 2016, I had my second son in a beautiful homebirth using Hypnobabies and surrounding myself with a supportive care provider. I am now teaching Hypnobabies classes in Perth and want all birthing women to have the opportunity to birth their baby in peace and joy. Please email me if you are interested in doing a class.

I completed my doula training with Australian Doulas and am a certified hypno doula (trained through Hypnobabies). At present I am only supporting pregnant mums who are also doing Hypnobabies (through my classes or the home study). Please call or email if you want to talk further about your birthing journey. You can also find out more information at https://www.facebook.com/moonflowerbirthhypnobabies/?ref=ts&fref=ts


Wishing you a beautiful birth experience,

Tania xx