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Taking care of women after birth is my specialty. I offer services such as prenatal EO massage, postnatal jamu massage, monthly maintenance massage, supply postpartum tingkat (confinement food in tiffin carriers), postapartum doula support and birth doula support. I am a WSQ-certified Swedish Massage and Postnatal Massage therapist.

Prenatal EO Massage will help expectant sleep-deprived mothers cope with the rigours of pregnancy such as swollen limbs, backaches, relaxation and sleep with the use of essential oils during the massage. Postnatal Jamu Massage will include binding of the abdomen to strengthen back and firm up tummy to help get back to pre-pregnancy shape fastest. I use traditional herbs such as param, pilis and tapel in my massages to rid wind from mother's body. I also assist with baby massage and teaching mother how to bathe and massage their newborn. Coupled with a customized Postpartum Tingkat, this will help a mother consume foods that are not only milk boosters but crucial in their recuperation.. Monthly Maintenance Massages can be arranged for after confinement for mummies who wants to take care of their bodies.

I offer Postpartum Doula Support to mothers who require extended support to do light cleaning, laundry, counselling, and such to relief new mummies so that they can get their due rest during their confinement. I offer extended support for even after confinement. My services are carried out in the comfort of your home.

I am certified by Childbirth International as a Birth Doula which I practice in Singapore and I am also certified by Australian Doulas as a Postpartum Doula which I practice in Perth. I am a proud mother of 1 who believes in the importance of supporting mothers throughout and after your pregnancy for a healthy heart, body and mind.

Doula Syahirah is really sincere and she knows how to really work your points. I felt really gd after the massage. Thanks! ~ Afiqah Liyana

A great relaxing massage. Nice lady and she sure does take care of you to feel comfortable. I am sure i will continue seen her for a massage. And hope to get some advices once i am ready for baby no.2 🙂 Thank you ~ Sandra Pellow