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From stressed to blessed!

Wellness services for mothers and babies.

My name is Rahima which means love and compassion. Remembering this has helped me along the many challenges and joys of my life as a mother, grandmother, Physiotherapist and Doula.

I support mothers on their Motherhood journey - providing practical, physical and emotional support in pregnancy, birth, the postnatal period and beyond. I honour and respect mothers and their partners so that stress, confusion and worry are reduced and confidence, calmness, knowledge and delight is increased.

In pregnancy I teach birth preparation and partner support skills, movement and breathing techniques for labour, massage for health and natural pain relief, relaxation, visualisations, comfort measures, body care, tai chi for pregnancy, stress management and preparing for parenting. I help women to understand all the options that are available to them and I support them in the decisions they make. I focus on what a woman tells me she wants and needs and I help her to have her needs met.

At home births and hospital births, I provide a constant caring presence to women and their partners, gentle reminders, encouragement and help to create a sense of sacred space for the birthing mother to feel safe and undisturbed in. I stay with the mother after her baby is born, protective of her precious mother/baby time, for as long as she needs me.

In the post natal period I provide new mums with a friendly useful non-judgmental service ranging from support and encouragement with establishing breastfeeding and baby care, writing the birth story, recovering from birth and getting enough rest, baby massage, new mother massage, healthy energy snacks and mother/baby exercise and relaxation classes.

As a Doula, I do not provide medical assessments or opinions, but I am also a Physiotherapist, with a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the medical and alternative health fields, to help clients to acquire information and make informed decisions and to interact calmly with health providers.

The births of my 4 children occurred many years ago and ranged from an induced hospital birth with an epidural as a 19 year old to a water birth at home in 1987. My breastfeeding experience totaled 8 years and I have been called to support women at their births and postnatally, combining my passion for holistic health, nurturing mothers caring for children, women's health physiotherapy and alternative healing.

My personal promise is to provide a premium professional Doula service to all of my clients for the best possible mother/baby outcomes.

My vision is to live a happy healthy holistic life supporting gentle peaceful births for happy healthy mother/babies and families.

'A Doula provides a constant reassuring presence during changing and overwhelming times and helps women to find their inner strength, accept and go with the flow, be confident and aware, resourceful and intuitive and turns the energy of feeling stressed into feeling truly blessed.'