Minnie Hillis

Doula Type: Birth, Trainee Mobile: 0418944464
Email: minnie@minniemail.com State: Western Australia – Perth Metro

Profile comin

Hello my name, is Minnie. My journey so far has been incredible, I was born in Puerto Rico, speak fluent spanish , grew up in California and have been in Western Australia for 20 years. I can honestly say that my true happiness started when I gave birth to my beautiful children, I have a son Jimmy who is now 32, Jarryd who is 31 and Jason who is 29 . After having all boys I have been blessed with three beautiful Granddaughters.

My childbirth experience first started when I was 15 and was asked to be a childbirth companion by one of my close friends. Being able to be part of the most amazing, sacred and empowering journey a woman can go through was life changing. Through the years I have been honoured to share this incredible miracle with some of my closest friends and a year ago I was part of my youngest granddaughter’s birth, words cannot describe the experience..

I would love to help you achieve the birth experience you dream of and increase your knowledge and confidence. My role as a Birth Doula is that of a professional non-medical birth companion. Someone who is there for you in the most amazing journeys a woman can go though. I would also like to help your partner have an experience they will never forget.

Birth is my passion.

I would love to meet with you, so please call or email me