Doula Type: Birth, Trainee State: Western Australia - Great Southern

I have always loved babies and I am fascinated with the whole birthing experience! I have 3 children myself and I had my first at 18 years old. After having my second child I became more and more obsessed with the miracle of birth, 18 months later my little sister asked me to be a support person for her when she birthed her son. I can honestly say it was the most magical thing I have ever witnessed in my life and that experience super charged my desire and passion to help women and their partners on one of the most intense and emotional times of their lives.

I then decided I didn't want to just dream about helping families in the birthing process, I actually wanted to actively help so I enrolled with the Australian Doulas and completed my course on June 4th 2017. My hopes for my future as a Birth Doula is that I can help women, their partners and families through the pregnancy and birth of their brand new miracle. I am passionate about pregnancy and birth and look forward to being able to share the most incredible moments of your birthing journey with you as a support person for both you and your partner. I look forward to meeting you and starting our wonderful journey together.