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I believe the perfect birth is completely possible but it is different for every Mum.  We all come from different walks of life and with those life experiences come different expectations.

I also am a firm believer in the idea that “it takes a village”.  Having a doula is really great way of helping add to your community of support.

Your Doula is your sounding board, your place to vent, laugh about awkward bodily functions, and cry when your hormones are surging through you.  I never tire of talking about your pregnancy, birth, babies, so you need never worry you are boring me.  There is no need to put “sorry TMI” in front of any query, or statement as I am happy to discuss anything you need, and most likely you are not the first to ask!

My appointments with you will be as long as you need to discuss everything and ask your questions and have a cup of tea.  And I am always available outside of these appointments to chat, text or email if we didn’t quite cover everything or baby brain just simply made you forget what you were going to ask.

I, alongside your partner, am your constant in the flurry of nurses, midwives, doctors, and specialists.  Never will I replace your partner, but only be a guiding hand for them to be more involved and to show how they can support you further.  I am there to give them a pee-break, food-break or just a breather before they become a parent! I will massage you, jiggle you, wipe your brow and offer a drink. Each birth is exciting, exhilarating, and new!  Your birth no matter how many I have attended is SPECIAL to me!

When your baby is born and you’re back comfy and cozy in your home, and all eyes are on this beautiful bubs, your Doula is still looking at you. A magical transition becoming a Mum is but we still need you to feel taken care of, heard, fed, bathed and not so sleep deprived.

I still want to hear about your birth experience, your questions, your fears and pleasure in your new role.   I still want to help you create your village.

I always knew I wanted to work in this field as I literally grew up surrounded by birth and babies.  My mother was an RN in the NICU and my grade 9 day or “take your kid to work day” was spent in the both the NICU doing rounds, and in the OR witnessing my first cesarean section.  It took me a few years to figure out what kind of role I wanted to play in working with pregnant and birthing Mums but it was in 2005 when a friend had her first baby she told me about this amazing woman who she had hired to help her through her birth and she was called a Doula and that’s when I knew I found what I wanted.  I worked as a Disability Support worker for 7 years in Canada mostly working with duel diagnosis and Autistic teens, and young adults. I enjoyed my job very much, but after moving across country did not find a similar program that I felt as passionate about.

I then began working for a Doctor’s office as the nurse receptionist for a GP, a delivering GP and a Breast feeding specialist.  I learned a great deal at that office working with dozens of pregnant and post natal Mums.  It was while on my maternity leave following that year that I was finally able to take my Doula training.

I have since started taking photography courses and updating my equipment to take better photos for you at your birth and have now started newborn photography for my clients as well.

I am now living in Perth Western Australia with my Aussie husband Luke and our three beautiful children.

I became a Doula in November 2013 and trained with DONA international in Edmonton, Alberta.

I sincerely hope to hear from you, and invite you to browse my facebook page: while I am working on my website.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have by either phone, text, email, or facebook message any time.


Kimberly Challis


Kimberly Challis