Kaydee Hagar

Doula Type: Birth Mobile: 0424 7414 36
Email: khagar@bigpond.com State: Western Australia – South West
Areas: Southwest


My name is Kaydee and I am a birth Doula for Busselton and surrounds. I have two kidlets aged 6 and 7. Both making their grand entrance in a theatre, one under a general anaesthetic and one with an epidural. Pregnancy and Birth always fascinated me as a child and even more so since I did it myself.

After I had my first caesarean, I was witness to one of my nephews being born vaginally and was so amazed at what our bodies can do I just had to see more. I had my second caesarean and was then privileged to be another sister’s support for another little nephew. All four births were all so different and all so amazing. I’m pretty sure I had caught some sort of birth bug!

When I had my babies I was young and didn’t know anything about birth choices. I only had my mum for support as far as a wise woman goes and her last birth was me, which was 21 years before my first. I also found that no one tells you things until after the baby is here. After my nephews births I found myself wondering what more I could have done to help my sisters or myself!

So began my journey to becoming a Doula and as a Doula I want to help you find out as much information and learn with you about all things pregnancy and birth, to help you make informed choices, to encourage you and to help you have a beautiful and positive birth and to be someone to lean on any time you need.

I know and understand that not all births are the same and that not all mothers to be want the same things and that’s what makes it all so magical.