Hester Alkemade

Doula Type: Birth, Postnatal Mobile: 0488 612 875
Email: doula_hester@iinet.net.au Website: https://www.facebook.com/tendingbirthdoula State: Western Australia – Perth Metro
Areas: NOR

The moment a baby is born, the world stops for just a split second. It is like the eye of the storm, an instant of perfect stillness in which a precious new soul takes a leap of faith and enters the complete unknown.

It is an amazing privilege to be allowed in such a sacred space, at such a sacred time and I consider myself extremely lucky to be asked to be present and hold that space for new families!

I have learnt through personal experience that birth can be a most empowering event for parents. And it is my personal belief that birth should be just this.

It is my dream that every family’s journey of pregnancy and birth is one that leaves them feeling they have understood the process, have made decisions that are right for them, have been listened to without judgement and that they have been able to be the main characters in their birth story.

My husband and I have 3 children and 3 completely different birth stories. I never expected anything less than good births, but after a somewhat disappointing experience the first time around, we prepared well for my second and third births. We had the support of a beautiful lady and came through my births feeling on top of the world. This has been an inspiration for me to become a doula and support women on their journey.

I am pleased to offer you my services as a birth doula, a hypnobirthing practitioner, and/or post natal doula. I would be very happy to discuss your needs and see if my skills can cover these. Please feel welcome send me a message or give me a call!

Many blessings,


What people have said:

“Thank you Hester, for being there whenever I needed help. My birth was amazing!” – Kate, 2014

“Hester is an amazing doula whose love, care and support throughout your pregnancy, and when by your side during labour, will make your journey into becoming a mum and dad one of the most positive and exciting one.

Her passion and devotion for your wishes make you feel cared for, safe and empowered to be the mum you wish to be and welcome your baby with confidence and pride.

Having Hester as our doula is the best choice we ever made and we will forever be grateful to her for her constant care and support throughout this unforgettable journey.” – Sophie, 2015

“Hester is a wonderful doula, she was part of my amazing support team that helped me achieve the birth I wished for. I highly recommend her services.” – Marie, 2015

“Thanks again,Hester. The three of us made a great team. I would have been much more stressed without you there.”  – Jesse, 2016

“”Hi Hester, Sending you our love and big thanks for everything. I had the most amazing experience in the world and you are a huge part of it. Thank you!” – Aline

“Thank you for all your amazing support yesterday, and in the lead up to the birth of our little one. It was a perfect care for us: you as our doula and the FBC for our first baby. Thank for you enabling us to have the beautiful entry into the world that we wanted for our bub. Every woman should feel as empowered as I felt to make decisions about my body and my baby.” – Lisa, 2016