Doula Type: Birth, Trainee State: Western Australia - Perth Metro


Mobile: 0450 398 826

My name is Emma and I have a background in visual art. My experience in the arts complements my work as a doula well, because both areas require creativity and self trust. I am now the mother of two young children and work as a doula in the southern suburbs of Perth.

When I gave birth, I felt connected to a source of strength and power. I am amazed by the intense, euphoric feelings that are part of the birth process. After giving birth to my second child I began thinking more about maternity care. I believe that attending to a woman’s emotional needs remains a neglected aspect in routine care - doulas fill this gap.

As your doula, I will be totally focused on supporting you to feel safe, prepared and relaxed enough to surrender to the process of birth. I want to help you connect with your inner strength and build up your confidence to give birth. I believe that the thoughts and feelings we have about birth are important and will affect how birth unfolds. Whether this is your first birth or a subsequent birth, together we will explore your hopes as well as fears surrounding the upcoming birth. I want to encourage you to create a positive and empowering image of birth, one that trusts your body’s amazing abilities.

During pregnancy we can talk about natural comfort measures, medical intervention, birth wishes and how your partner can support you. I like to use guided meditation for relaxation during pregnancy. Meditation helps to relieve stress, connect with your baby and prepare for deep relaxation during labour.

Partners are also encouraged to join with us for one of the prenatal meetings so that I can get to know you as a couple. When you are in labour, I can support you with natural comfort measures such as gentle counter pressure, using your breath and birth positions. I can help you and your partner find your most comfortable positions to aid the birth of your baby. I will also help maintain an atmosphere of peace in your birth space.

Please email or call me if you would like to meet in person for a free consultation.



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