Doula Caddy Richards

Doula Type: Birth & Postnatal

Mobile: 0439 904 501


State: Western Australia - south west

Hi I'm Caddy

A mother of one and from my birthing journey, my passion grew and I knew that becoming a birth and postnatal Doula was my calling.

Every woman’s experience is a unique journey and she deserves respect, support, trust, encouragement and love so that she is empowered to explore her pregnancy and birthing options. I believe that it’s not just how a baby is born, but how the birthing person is treated during the pregnancy, birth and throughout their postpartum journey. I feel women should be empowered to make informed decision about the birth they wish to have rather than what others expect their birthing journey to be.

As a Birth Doula I am someone who will listen, understand, be non-judgmental and compassionate. I observe a mother’s needs and offer support and encouragement as a woman and her partner begin or deepen their journey into parenthood.
During your pregnancy I will discuss birth preparation and partner support skills, movement and breathing techniques for labour, massage for natural pain relief, relaxation and visualisations. I help women to understand all the options that are available to them and I support them in the decisions they make. During birth I focus on what a woman requires in her birthing space to allow her to tune into her intuition and alongside her partner support her emotionally and physically.

We spend a lot of time thinking about our pregnancy and how we want to birth our child and might not think about how we would like our postnatal journey to go. Mothers need rest, a support network and nourishment. As a postnatal doula I will work with the mother to empower her throughout her journey into motherhood treating her with the care and respect she deserve.
I am located in Bunbury but can support mothers throughout the Southwest and Peel region. I really look forward to supporting you throughout your pregnancy, birth and journey into motherhood

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Phone: 0439 904 501

Facebook: @bloombirthingsw